Poet Kitties

Do you read Poet Kitties and think to yourself, "Hey, I wish my cat were there, drawn by a cartoonist's hand with a meaningful/cute caption"? Well, here's your chance to see your wish come true!

If you contact me with a request, I'll draw your cat into a comic page. Just give me the following;
1.) The cat's name
2.) A picture of the cat (note: make certain that you own the rights to the picture, or at least that you have permission)
3.) The caption you want accompanying your cat (optional)

And I'll use my WACOM skills to bring your cat to digital, artistic life!

But how much does this service cost? As the site suggests, five bucks! A mere 5.00 USD for a black-and-white cat cartoon, like the kind I put up every week, while $10 USD for a color cartoon.. You can pay to my PayPal account, which is the same as my email address. You can also pay through the Fiverr site.
So what are you waiting for?Contact me here to give your cat the artistic treatment they deserve!